A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

Say hello to Pure Bud Bi Luo Chun Yunnan, black tea spring 2015

I don't know a thing about this sample of tea I received from Yunnan Sourcing....yet.
I am drinking my first four infusions right now, and will research later! Just look at those curls! And that color, wow!
What a great tea. I don't know what to do with it of course, so first I rinsed it, but sipped the tea rinse and liked it! Second infusion was a flash brew about 178 degrees and absolutely loved it. I just hit it with almost boiling water for the third infusion and its a little more astringent, if that is even the right word, but still good. I assume someone with knowledge will soon tell me to use higher temps for black but I am finding with this tea, and the Oriental Beauty I like the temps to stay fairly low.
Please feel free to advise me.
In the meantime, enjoy the photos.
'Pure Bud', huh?
Sounds about right to me.

UPDATE! Only hours later I know a lot more.
From Yunnan Sourcing:

This exquisite black tea is made from first flush March harvest.  Simao area pure bud material.  Picked when the tea is still just tender little buds, the tea is processed with great care to produce this lovely rolled Bi Luo Chun Black tea.

The taste is potent but smooth with hints of sugarcane and milk chocolate! 

For best results we recommend using about 4 to 5 grams per 100ml of water when brewing.

Early March harvest!
Amazing it goes from these golden colored little curls to this, just a gorgeous tea!
Go get some at Yunnan Sourcing, and thanks to Scott for sending it to me.