A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

Punk rock me, still in there somewhere comes out to meet middle-aged tea maven me.

Ok, so I'm not daintily sipping tea with the Queen listening to the Sex Pistols. I am, after all, over fifty years old and the only queen I know lives in San Francisco, (Hi, Dovey!), but for the past six months the only music I've had 'in attendance' when drinking tea have been artists such as Sheila Chandra,  Deva Premal, and random sitar music, yes, even when notdrinking chai, you moron. Oops, that would be the punk coming out. Forgive me? Kisses. (Notice I am leaving the slur in, the punk seems settled into herself for awhile)
So, its a match and as Green Day is screaming in the song blaring from my 'ghetto blaster' on top of the fridge, 'I'm not fuckin' around!' neither is this oolong.
I did a little slam-dancing a little too near the tea table, but nothing got hurt. My child has shut herself away in her room to draw the hideous characters from something called 'Five Nights At Freddy's' so she is not one to judge my weirdness (thank god) and tea and getting some thrashing out of my old bod seem to go hand in hand. This is not making me want to slam some whiskey shots or whatever I used to want to do when I listened to angry white boy music, this is good news!
In case, dear reader you doubt my provenance, I was the first punk rock girl many people had ever seen in Orange County, California, way back when. They sent newspaper people out to interview me. Twice. I spent almost every night in garages watching Black Flag, Circle Jerk, The Germs, The Plasmatics and the Cramps shows and slept in alleys. So don't go saying I'm a poser, alright? I was the real deal. Of course I never would have considered Green Day acceptable punk rock, but now that I am an old person, it is as hardcore as it gets for me, due to my not wanting to die young after all.
So moving back to this oolong for just a minute. I think for fear that the tea vendor will not appreciate being associated with this particular post, I will not specifically review this 'not fucking around' oolong and will instead dedicate a full post to it at a later date. But its a good tea, and like me, I bet it has a myriad of sides to show you, a soft meditative quality and also an intense buzzing kick if you brew it just right......And now, back to the dance.

Tea and living a good life

Drinking tea helps you meditate on life to better understand it. Drinking tea is not only about the health benefits on the tea’s surface, but it also elevates the spirit to enrich our lives. For young generations, if they can understand the benefits tea brings, they will benefit from it for life.
We all used to be young and ambitious; telling everything in black and white, fighting and arguing for our own existence. It sometimes seems that we want to plan and control life, but as we age, we realize that we are so small in this universe and we have been places that we thought we would never go.

Drink this cup of tea and keep the attitude of having an empty cup towards life. Learn to accept and absorb new things. Don’t judge things on their surface but instead by their inner logic. Find out the positive meanings in your life.
Tea can be the medium to shorten distances between human beings. With this cup of tea, it can lead conversations to anywhere. Life's journey is truly manifest in this cup of tea.