A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

From Tea Masters I try 2013 Concubine Oolong

My first few steepings of this tea were not very remarkable, but I am blaming that on my less than clean palette and will try again later! From Tea Masters Blog we read:

From Tea Masters

The scents of red, exotic and ripe fruits coat the mouth and seem to never leave. The cold scent is all honey.The most amazing about this tea is its natural, mellow mouthfeel. Even after 6 minutes, there’s no uncomfortable bitterness or astringency. This tea tastes sweet and smooth. And, despite the strong flavors, the mouth remains clean and bright. It feels like a sunny afternoon in these tea fields. A taste of nature.

It is a pretty oolong and opens up nicely. I look forward to my next session!Please
note my wonderful new Bonavita kettle in the background, which pours so gorgeously!