A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

Bug-Bitten Honey Aroma Oolong Summer 2015

Just opened this and have had a wonderful initial session of three steepings not counting the rinse. I am pretty sure this is from Yunnan Sourcing but I am not finding it on their site. I am finding the same tea but winter and it is unavailable. Hmmmm. Have to find out so I can get more because this isn't going to last long!

Really smooth, warm, buttery, and yes, I feel I can taste honey in the back of my throat, it feels like summer, summer somewhere I have never been yet long to visit.

Look at the tight little knots before the first steep. The leaves are growing as I pause my session to write this, heading back now for pours 4 through ?

Above photos prior to water, heavy, tight little knots.
Totally wonderful tea to be drinking on a cool Californian day with the wind-chimes tinkling, the wild parrots calling to one another and the breezes moving through my bungalow.

The Dude Abides in this tea for sure!