A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

New tea and Cha Hai from Yunnan Sourcing.

Bought a very serviceable clear glass Cha Hai from YS for $4.00 which just arrived and Scott was kind enough to include a sample of these little Puerh nuggets. Do I dare to continue the experiments that have, thus far, been the only teas to make me literally yell out 'ARRGGHHH!' making my family fear I had stepped on a Tarantula? I think so, but am waiting for instructions from the Tea Folk group on Facebook and from Scott himself. Got to set these little balls of Puerh up for success with the right parameters and preparation!

Here is the description from YS website...

2013 Yunnan Sourcing Premium Ripe Pu-erh Tea Mini Tuo
Our Ripe Pu-erh tea mini tuo cha are made from whole leaf premium Yong De area pu-erh tea. Each mini tuo is roughly 5 grams and is individually wrapped. The tea was fermented in 2013 from spring 2013 material from Yong De county of Lincang and then pressed at the end of 2013 and aged until now.
The brewed tea is strong and thick in the mouth, the aroma is camphor and earth with hints of rose, and the tea soup is a deep burgundy and brown color. The tea used is whole leaf (grades 1, 3 5 and 7) not chopped or tea dust like many tuo. It's the same quality we use to press cakes but decided to make some mini tuo for the added convenience of carrying and brewing on the go that so many people desire.
Roughly 5 grams each (200 mini tuo per kilogram)
2013 material"

And here they are on my tea table...