A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

My Japanese teaware from Sugimoto America

This is my Tokoname Kyusu (teapot) and my
Tokoname Yuzamashi (water cooling pot).

These were my initial purchases when I 'got serious' about exploring Japanese teas some time ago.
I am finding them of great value as I progress into teas from other parts of the world.
The cup in the center was hand-thrown by artist Sharon Cozad.

The Kyusu and the Yuzamashi were purchased from Sugimoto America.
You can find them here:

Teapots of the Tokoname style, one of the six original kiln traditions in Japan, have a history dating back to the Heian Period, over 900 years ago. 
The clay of these Kyusu react with tannins in tea to decrease bitterness. 
Imbued with the local charm of the Tokoname region, each Kyusu becomes more lustrous with use and comes to reflect the individual character of its owner. 
                                                        Both my vessels were crafted in Aichi Prefecture, JAPAN 
                         The prices were $40 and $35 respectively, hold 12 ounces and are a pleasure to use!