A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

Bug-bitten honey-aroma Oolong on a 100 degree day in California. Perfect!

A perfect afternoon tea. 
Honestly, find me a rival for the afternoon-tea slot and I will eat my hat.

Wish I could remember who I bought this from, but alas, I moved the tea, once opened, into a mason jar and forgot to note the source.

Will want more of this, so those of you who can tell me good companies to try from, do let me know.

Brewed in small gaiwan, 5.25 grams of leaf. A quick warm up of dry leaves, one brief rinse, and all infusions at 185 Fahrenheit. A lovely way to begin the second half of a terrific Friday afternoon!
Look at that sweet light honey color, the clear broth, the lovely leaves expanding in languid happiness....