A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

What the inside of an angels mouth would taste like. (Sorry, is that too weird?)

Two days of tasting, and I mean, really tasting, spending hours upon hours with a small handful of teas. Committing myself, even if I taste astringency and bitterness that tells me to give up, to continue being open, and with the tea in that moment. And certainly every sip of every single tea tingles my nervous system to some degree, shoots fragmentary triggers of scent memories, sometimes full aural and visual memories too, some good and some not as good. I let them all in. But now I am tired. I have to go back and have another date with some of these boys who I didn't feel attracted to but still feel a slight interest and pull towards.

But now, alas I need a break. Who would you go to when you need a break? Something crisp and clean, and light as air, and tender. Tender towards you, your tongue, your senses but still alive and vibrant. Right? ( Or as I say to my poor husband ala' Lebowski style, "Am I wrong? Am I wrong? Am I wrong?" until he answers with the proper line in the script, saying to me, " No,Walter, you're not wrong, you're just an asshole." But this isn't a Lebowski blog so I will move on.)

So you can't go wrong with a good well harvested Silver Needle, I have known that much for a long time, and Teavivre's Bai Han Yin Zhen is a match to my need.
Little tiny buds and tips, so pretty and delicate. Sweet and slippery on my tongue, a mildly sensual lingering after-taste. A deep breath from me in perfect unison with the room.

Cannot tell you, dear reader how long this will last, how many steeps, but I will certainly know by days end. I am seeing this tea again and again and I might even make it eggs if it wants me to. I'm in love.