A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

My first exploration with one of Misty Peak Tea's 'One Family' Puerhs, first impressions of Autumn 2015!

Today I start what I hope will be a long multi-day series of sessions with the same 4 grams of tea leaves, over and over and over. Unless I change my mind that is! Ah, the joys of being me! As Moriarty once said to Sherlock and Watson( The PBS Cumberbatch/Freeman version) 'I am soooo changeable!' and I delight in that. I am following no rules. The owner informs me this was fresh picked just a few weeks ago, so it is their Autumn 2015.
So first of all this tea looks different from any other tea I have seen thus far. Big stems, packed in a large package so that it would not break, and could move loosely about. I intend right away to honor the form of this tea and not damage it.
I take my initial picture of the dry leaves and then keep taking pictures. It's a good model, this One Family Puerh!
Misty Peak Tea Puerhs can be found at http://mistypeakteas.com/

This is my Puerh pot I will steep the infusions in. It was my first pot bought from Teavivre, 140ml and used only for Puerhs. I will not be using the matching pitcher as shown as I find it doesn't work as well as my glass Cha Hai. 

Pot warming up, pitcher already to go, almost time!

An hour later. All gone!

First rinse so light I could hardly see any color, first brews at 205 Fahrenheit were mild and easy. The next two brews became a little more astringent and metallic than this newbie is used to, and I had the idea of moving the leaves into my 120ml gaiwan. The next two steeps were far more enjoyable! A super easy to drink Puerh, I must be really coming along in my journey. I will give the tea and my tummy a break and come back to these leaves again soon. So far, so good!

Two hours later....
190 Fahrenheit, and so good. Warm and woody, the earthiness is not overwhelming like many of the Puerhs I have tried, I sense a little zest, maybe lemon zest in the back of my throat. My imagination runs riot. More to come with steep notes ten through ?