A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

Jasmine 'Dragon Pearls' Green Tea, a comparison in two vessels.

Yixing brews on left and Gaiwan brews on right. 
My first pearls! So pretty looking, must research how they are created, such lovely little beads!
This is my second day drinking this tea and today I decided to try it both in the gaiwan and a new little Yixing pot I just got, only 80ml. I seasoned the tiny pot yesterday with black tea thinking it would be a good pot for that but have reconsidered, for it's tiny and not terribly well-made holes are better suited to the pearls than the loose black tea that gunked up the tiny spout yesterday. The pot didn't seem to mind the switch and surprisingly the tea that came out of it was GREAT! Almost as great as the brews from the gaiwan. Split a 7 gram sample from Teavivre into each vessel, same water temp of 180, same steeping times, and same pour times, though of course the rate of speed of tea coming out of the gaiwan beat the little yellow bun!
I found both way of brewing this tea to be tasty and have decided it is testament to this good quality tea product.
There is very little not to love about this tea and I am fairly certain I can even entice my non-tea loving twelve year old daughter to sit down and refresh her spirit after a hard day at middle school with this lovely elixir!

Now that the day has begun well, so off to explore the Puerh's!

Don't neglect to read the below information from Teavivre's site. It's a truly amazing creation.

TeaVivre's Jasmine Dragon Pearl green tea is a completely handcrafted, premium quality green tea, that is not only an absolutely fantastic drink, but also an elegant work of art to watch brew.  When dry, this pearl shaped tea is olive coloured with obvious silver tips.  Its production is a long, involved process.  The tea buds and leaves are carefully picked in Spring, dried and then stored and kept cool until the jasmine flowers bloom.  The night blooming jasmine flowers are picked early each morning while the petals are still closed.  Kept cool during the day, in the early evening the flowers begin opening with a popping sound, indicating they are ready to be mixed in with the dried tea.  After about 5 hours the flowers are removed and the tea carefully dried for 4 to 5 days.  This scenting process is then repeated with fresh flowers a total of 7 times, in the end producing this amazing tea that takes over a month to make!  1 lb of finished Dragon Pearl tea will use about 4 lbs of jasmine flowers during this arduous process.  The end result is an absolutely amazing tea, and one of TeaVivre's top sellers.