A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

"Tell me about the White2Tea Company" you say? Well, here is what I am learning right NOW!

From the website at www.white2tea.com we read:

The White 2 Tea Company was created by passionate puer devotees.

We conduct business with a simple philosophy: If we would not drink it, we will not sell it.

Our approach to sales is minimalist.
No flowery descriptions of flavors. No fairytale stories about monks and tea masters. No bullshit.
We provide the tea. The experience is up to you.

(Man, do I love that last line especially. This is a company with my own aesthetics at heart!)

So,I just got an unexpected box from White2Tea. I don't think I ordered this, I haven't had their teas yet, nor do I recall emailing with them or meeting one of the owners on my many trips around 'The Universe.' I could be wrong, I might be freaking out over tea I bought and just don't remember buying. That sort of thing happens. Ask my family. I thought it only happened during my alcohol drinking days, but I have learned it happens regardless of my sobriety. Even in tea-ism, I am still super present now but don't recall yesterday well unless I try awful hard and hurt my poor brainy-bits. Oh well! I am happy to be in the HERE AND NOW, BIG TIME. You might have noticed that about me. It might be one of the many, many reasons you like me. It might be the main reason you find me obnoxious. I'd like to tell those of you who feel the latter that Dr's are working on it 'round the clock but it is not the case. As Popeye says, 'I yam what I yam!' Anyway, I will track down how this came to be but in the meantime the opened box in front of me reveals the glorious following items:

Next posts in regard to White2Tea will have some reviews, first impressions and undoubtedly more tea-drunk ramblings.
Til then, Dear Reader
I bid thee,
( waves vintage handkerchief at you with wild abandon)