A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

Have you ever seen anything like this? Aged Chenpi Ripened Tangerine Puerh 2009

Photo used with permission  from Teavivre.

Yunnan (云南), China Harvested 2009. By Teavivre Company, sample sized package of almost 10 grams.

This tea is dried at high temperature and formed into the shape of orange. The aged puerh tea is then filled inside of the orange peel,the tea liquid is meant to be a dark red color, thick and bright. I can taste both the brisk fragrance of orange, and the mellow taste of Puerh, as promised. I am told that if you buy more than a sample you get a whole tangerine filled with tea as in the photo above, this I would love to see in my own hand! I was told this by someone online so am not sure it is true, but I aim to find out!

Chenpi is sun-dried tangerine/mandarin peel used it many traditional Chinese medicines. I decided to sample this tea today because I needed a boost in energy, a pleasurable adventure and the Chenpi has always been of help with my digestion when used in tea form in the past, along with ginger and other concoctions by Chinese herbalist used to make me back in Austin Texas many years ago.

When I weighed out the sample I was astounded by the three large pieces of peel and the weight of nearly ten grams. I wasn't sure what to do with it and after asking various sources I determined to use half the tea along with the Chinpi in my puerh pot of 140 ml at just under boiling water. The liquid was full and dark but the flavor was underwhelming, so I added the reminder of the sample and began to have a really good time with this puerh!

To quote Teavivre's site:
'Fermented Pu-erh tea is changed to tender and warm nature. While according to the theory of Chinese medicine, Chenpi is warm, too, and is good for stomach and digestion. By combining these characters of the two different things, the tea maker created this unique and rich flavor. This Aged Chenpi Ripened Tangerine Pu-erh would be nice choice if you like rich teas.'

 At the tail end of a cold which has turned my poor tummy sour after two nights of Nyquil, a shredded throat and a bad and sleepy attitude I believe this tea made a remarkable dent in my minor and albeit petty agonies and helped me to feel on the road to recovery much faster! I am off to buy a whole tangerine, just for myself! Instead of getting one of those' Chocolate Oranges I enjoy every December holiday, this year I will spend a few more scheckles and get a few of these! 
From my own sample.