A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

Mantra Tea's Wen Shan Bao Zhong. A second write-up as I finish up the last of this wonderful tea.

I just realized as I am sadly ending the last of my steeps with this Bao Zhong that I really, really love it. It is the only tea, (aside from a 2014 Summer Oriental Beauty) that I have made odd noises with while drinking. Sounds of the 'Nom, nom, nom' variety. I also caught myself whispering ''Yummy,Yummy,Yummy." And so there you are. This one goes on the 'buy' list.

Below are notes from Mantra Teas website on this worthy and gracious tea.

Award-winning Wenshan Bao Zhong (Baojong, Pouchong or light oolong), TAP Certified by 6th Generation tea masters, who arrived in Nan Gang district, Taiwan, in the late 19th century. Nan Gang is the original and premier Bao Zhong growing district of Taiwan, and the site of Nan Gang Tea Research and Development Laboratory.

Bao Zhong is a lightly oxidized Oolong, so you will be glad to know this tea is vacuum-sealed at the farm, and comes with a patented re-sealing device to maintain freshness.

Bao Zhong, if you have never had it, is famous for its aroma. That is easy to say about many teas, like it is about wines. But the scent of our first tasting of this Bao'jong lasted till nightfall, and then we had a dream about it. It is a truly astonishing experience, can be compared with the aroma of the Ginger Lily, which is the national flower of Cuba and a famous ingredient of perfume in Spanish colonial times.