A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

I finally chose and purchased my first two Cakes of Puerh Tea!

Very pleased with myself for making some choices regarding Puerh. For working through my initial and total dislike and finding a path I can travel of Puerhs that has led me to this point which I will call Point A, which to me means the point where I can purchase my top two.
I've tried a lot of Puerhs the last four months, some of which I bet if I tried now I would have totally different experiences of since my palate has now been introduced to Puerhs. I will retry many of them soon.
In any case my purchase choices for my first cake/brick are as follows:

Smacha Tea's 2011 Jung Mai 'Old Tree' Ripe Puerh  200 gram cake at a cost of $32

Crimson Lotus'  2008 Bulang Imperial Grade Shou/ Ripe Puerh 250 gram brick at a cost of $30.

I like the Old Tree from Smacha somewhat more than the Bulang but I feel like I am meant to have that Bulang and I do not dislike it, I just don't savor it in the same way at this moment. I do think we have a future together nonetheless, it takes me places, and I want to go!
I like both these companies, both are run by people who have been super helpful and communicative with me, and I am certain I come off as a mind-addled nutjob, so kudos to the dude-os* for putting up with me so far!

(*That means, YOU, Glen and Andrew!)