A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

#27 Red equals Existential Angst.

Smacha's #27 Red makes me want to re-think my whole life. It brings on an existential angst that is not at all subtle and really too dreary to go into. But to sum it up, it goes something like this;
I've got so many teas, the fact that this one just sat for a couple months and I only grabbed it by happenstance when I realized I had a 'jar opening' (also known as 'an empty canning jar') and could therefore try something new, the fact that I have so many of these experiences awaiting me and I might die at any moment, makes me freak the heck out.

It's so good that it panicked me. How many other amazing teas are just sitting there in their sealed packets containing tea delights I might never get to? Really, shouldn't I just open up EVERYTHING and try it ALL? Like, right away?

Smacha's #27 Red is a terrific session of tea. I had no idea. Why did I wait so long?
The website says to use 7-9 grams, in a Yixing or their wonderful auto-infuser but since I was using my 100ml hohin I used only four grams of this dark red rolled balled tea. Scent out of the bag? Lip-smacking and eye-opening. And the taste from the first steep is mildly sweet, floral and smooth as can be. And now time to go write this down in my list of things I have to mull over with the Jungian analyst I am lucky enough to have as a friend, god knows I couldn't afford her. Not analysis and tea, I had to choose. I chose tea. Duh

This Jin Xuan Hong Cha has a story too. Smacha tells it thus;

 An exclusive creation which starts with leaves from a Taiwanese Oolong variety, fermented like a fine black tea and processed as an Oolong Tea. #27 Red is robust, sweet and fresh, with a fruity fragrance and a lingering floral finish. This unique creation combines the best of fine black teas with traditional Taiwanese oolongs.