A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

Warm rocks and cinnamon. Caramel and minerals. Walnut shells and wood...

These are a few of my favorite things...
Why does a 'rock tea' tastes like rocks?
And more importantly, how is it I know what rocks taste like?
Why have I been licking rocks my entire life? Should I not be admitting this? Do I have an issue? Is this perhaps just a tea-head thing? Rocks, trees on occasion when I had a private moment and the urge was upon me, shells plucked from the surf, you know, nature. It's not like I am not licking housing bricks and cement! I'm not crazy.......right?
So if I didn't know this was a 'rock' tea, would I taste the rock? I have no idea. But I do know that this tea makes me feel a little more connected to nature just as quickly tasting a rock cliff while on a hike might have done when I was a child. And feeling more connected? That cannot be bad for me, especially as I seem to grow into more of a recluse, a hermit and a more-than-slight misanthrope as the years pass. I will, and do fight that. Tea is my way of dis-armoring myself and reconnecting to Source.
Perhaps the most important, and emotionally triggering part of this nice tea session with this tea is the vessel. Like any good prop upon a stage, it creates an ambiance and deep mood that helps envelope me into a full transportive session. And yes, I did lick the cup, and not for the first time. The cup of which I now speak is really the star here. The tea was nice, but truly it was the pairing of the rock tea with this cup from Greenwood Studio that elevated the whole thing to a new level.
(These three pictures are from the studio and although they are nice, they do not capture the magic of this piece. I will attempt to do so on my own!)

(The best part about this cup is in the inside. Wait and see!)

Greenwood Studio is located in New York, and the ceramic artist is a man named Shaun McGuire.
This cup came the same day as my new Novak items came. It was a very good day to say the least.
Everything was lovely, the yunomi from Novak almost hallucinatory in its intensity, but I readily admit, that once I picked up and used this little cup from Greenwood I've been somewhat enchanted.
It reminds me of a rock quarry I used to swim in when I was a teen. Naked. I did that? I had totally forgotten until I drank from this cup. There is so much to look at with this cup, the crazing, the glaze drips, the whole thing has got me intently interested in pottery when I never have been before. I start to wonder how much of these results were intentional, how much chance, or accidental art, which is my favorite kind of art.
It's like a rock itself, distinct from any other when looked at closely, its veins and lines and color variations as subtly unique as anything the shadows have ever played with as the sun went down upon it.
( Here you go! Just like the old quarry where I used to swim!)

More on Greenwood Studio to come as I went ahead and ordered a few more pieces.
Check this guy's work out, and thanks to the people who urged me to take a look, you know who you are!