A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

Four Seasons Qing Xiang High Mountain Oolong

Sometimes when I get what looks like a small sample due to vacuum packing, it isn't so small but I can't seem to stop myself from brewing the whole thing up anyway. I did it tonight with this tea from Four Seasons Tea. It was over 8 grams and I used the whole thing in a Jian Shui pot which holds 210ml. It is my biggest pot. I was then told this particular tea, which I know nothing about, was better in porcelain so I moved the whole hot wonderful delicious mess of leaves into my 250 ml gaiwan and have been steeping it all evening. I may never sleep again. I think I also wasted an opportunity to gongfu a pretty darn good tea and have it available for weeks due to my gluttony. Live and (hopefully) learn, right?

Four Seasons Tea delivers some of the finest teas you will ever taste. I have been delving into their offerings ever since purcahsing some of the greatest Da Hong Pao I've had so far in my newbie journey.

Gorgeous website too!

Many hours and steeps later, the leaves rest in my 250ml gaiwan