A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

Smacha's #27 Red. And me with no-one to smooch!

Someone kiss me quick!

What a taste, and what an artful lingering! Ah, the sadness of not being able to share it with another soul! To smooch with this 'Smach on my lips, such a shanda this shayna maidle has no one to share the bracha with!

And now, more lucidly, we turn to
information from the Smacha family:

Smacha #27 Red is an exclusive creation which starts with leaves from a Taiwanese Oolong variety, fermented like a fine black tea and processed as an Oolong Tea. #27 Red is robust, sweet and fresh, with a fruity fragrance and a lingering floral finish. This unique creation combines the best of fine black teas with traditional Taiwanese oolongs.


  • 000m
  • ORIGINAnxi
  • Fujian Province
  • China
  • OTHER NAMES27 Red, 金萱紅
      • Directions: Automatic Tea Brewer:
        Tea Leaf: 7 grams
        Water Temp: 205°F

        Glass & Porcelain: (6oz)
        Tea Leaf: 7-9 grams
        Water Temp: 205°F
        Infusion: 30 sec - 1 min

        Yixing Teapot: (300ml-350ml)
        Tea Leaf: 7-9 grams (cover bottom of pot)
        Water Temp: 205°F
        Infusion: 30-45 secs
        Notes: Pre heat the teapot before placing tea inside.