A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

Fengqing Golden Buds from Zen Tea. Sanity in a cup.

World is going crazy, right?
Need a bracer? Listening to the evening news, hearing some things that make you feel a wee weak-kneed? Dudes, me too!
What to do, since a martini is not a viable option? Already been through an awesome sheng this morning, a mellow yellow from Thailand, and a 2014 Bai Hao Formosa, but listening to the news about 'Super Tuesday' results, well, hell. I need something to bolster me, yet not make me go through the roof as a dark Puerh might be inclined to do.
Grabbed a nice dark black Chinese tea, Fenqing Golden Buds, a good roasty, thick feeling intense yet comforting Dian Hong.

I there anything more energizing yet mellowing than a decent Dian Hong from Zen Tea? Me thinks not. Newbie readers, contact me directly as usual for more info if this isn't enough to whet your appetites!

"High-altitude-grown Golden Needle provides a totally new Yunnan black (Dian Hong) tea experience! Yunnan Pure Gold (金芽滇紅茶 ) varieties are considered the best type of Dian Hong tea (Classified in Orange Pekoe grading from TGFOP to SFTGFOP). It contains only golden tips, which are usually covered in fine hairs. It looks very similar to expensive Silver Needle White tea (Yinzhen) aside from the golden color. This tea produces a brew that is coppery gold in colour with a woody, sweet aroma. Brewed tea has a full-bodied, sharp nutty, and brisk tobacco taste. Totally luxurious with clearer and sharper tastes than other Yunnan black teas. This tea has a magic that will keep you coming back to this pleasant and unique experience over and over again! 

Origin: Fengqing, Yunnan province, China"

Harvest: 2015 Spring