A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

Teca Teas! After a series of Teca teas back in February, focusing on whites and one gaba I now move on to the Oolongs!

Where to start on the Oolongs?

I narrow it down to the Alishan High Mountain and the Lishan High Mountain, figuring I will do both and see what the differences are!

Prepping the Alishan session with five grams for a 100ml gaiwan, always go with the smallest plain white gaiwan when trying new teas!

Alishan after first rinse, and the smell is thick, floral and totally enchanting.

Too tea-drunk and happy with this wonderful example of an Alishan to move on to the Lishan, I ended up spending the night with this gorgeous 5 grams of leaves, moved the leaves after six steeps(!) into a grandpa-style glass and enjoyed further steeps until bedtime.

If an Alishan gets any better than this, I haven't had it yet. Prime example of a terrific tea!