A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

The Jade Leaf's Qi Lai Shan Oolong.

Grown at 2050 meters this Oolong is a treat. It is a spring tea and prior to picking there was a rare event of snow on the  Qi Lai Mountain, which I am told makes the tea taste quite a bit differently than it would have otherwise.
I steeped four grams in my small Lin's teapot of approximately 90 ml with the water just under boiling. There is a sweetness as well as a mineral tang, very faint, to be found farther back in the throat. Sweet without being floral, a mineral quality that does not reach into bitterness, just a very alive aroma and a full-bodied, pure mouth-feel. Lovely!
Four grams of Qi Lai Oolong waiting for the pot to boil.

One rinse.

Third steep

The leaves rest.