A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

Moving into a new home creates stress and hideously sore feet. Answer? Quantitea's 'Spring Pekoe'

I will just say it. My feet look like those of a deceased hobo whose been fished out of the Hudson Bay in 1929. So, badly cared for feet to begin with, what with the hobo-status and the era, but I swear these are feet William Kennedy would have written about. (So much for my own personal foot fetish days now long gone. Such pretty toes I had, alas!)

If I could make a few gallons of Quantitea's Spring Pekoe to soak my tootsies in while breathing the wafting humid fumes( of the tea, not the feet) I think I would be healed. And while one of the few things I do have unpacked is a large plastic Home Depot utility bucket, I only have 5 grams of Spring Pekoe, and still have enough of my sanity to know drinking the tea and not bathing in it is a far more tenable option. Still. Damn good idea and I bet you dollars to donuts my feet would have thanked me.

If it weren't for Quantitea's packaging of their myriad 5-7 grams samples with clear directions on temp and steep times I would have gone mad the last few days. Might even have turned to the Keurig( husband unpacked that first, his favorite!) and just started guzzling Earl Grey out of those awful wasteful pods.
But I kept my Quanitea packets close-by and today, the first day I have no boxes to unpack and break-down, I realized I needed a green. A good, clean tasting green. Luckily for me here it is, a sweet, slightly vegetal, mild Chinese green.

Two steeps at 180f and going in for a third although have no expectations for this light green tea to give me more than it already has.

This is a green that makes me want more greens, and whites and yellows too perhaps, and I think tonight I will seek out some other greens, and now that I've moved in fully to my new house,(I have an entire room just for tea and tea writing!) I will let go of my death-grip on the puerhs, both sheng and shou and relax a little. Put on some Stanley Turrentine, sit back and try to enjoy the new space I've created. I can do that, right?