A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

Uh Oh! I just fell in love again….

TEAVIVRE  and with this sample, (a generous 7 grams of which I used just 3). This is a Taiwan ‘Monkey-Picked ( Ma Liu Mie) Tie Guan Yin’ origin being Lishan Mountain with the following summation:



Lishan Mountain, Taichung, Taiwan


Spring Tea

Harvest Date:

May 18, 2022

Dry Leaf: 

Rolled to semi-ball shape


Toasty and aromatic with a slight floral aroma


Bright golden in color


Smooth, baked flavor and sweet fruity notes of peach,pleasant fragrance and sweet aftertaste

Tea Bush:

C. sinensis cv. Tieguanyin

Tea Garden:

Qibang Tea Garden


Moderate caffeine (less than 20% of a cup of coffee)


Store in airtight, opaque packaging; keep refrigerated

Shelf Life:

24 Months

 Now I must write briefly here and then Google like heck trying to track down this exact tea if not at TeaVivre, then with another vendor, preferably shipping from stateside. Kids, this is a very good tea and I may just be in an extremely good mood the rest of the day thanks to this session and I doubly love it when the tea says ‘monkey picked’ because it sparks my imagination, I am loving this tea, and I’m only three steps in. The rinse was delicious. Almost a little peppery. 

Tightly rolled and opening up fast on the third steep. Water at 195f and falling with each steep.

I wish I had an outlet here on my back porch to keep the kettle hot. Do you think I’m making a mistake by letting the temperature fall? Text me and let me know!

This sample is from the lovely people at TeaVivre .I just bought a nice quality and decently priced 180ml Jian Shui pot to replace, after three long years, my other Jian Shui which is no longer a teapot but part of an art installation about impermanence and the transient nature of all things. (Yes, I broke it.)

Off to search this tea online and perhaps explore Lishans specifically! Of course, my first visit will be to teavivre.com to buy it from the vendors who sent it to me in the first place. Keep your Beginner’s Mind like me, never KNOWING, always learning. Always becoming one with the tea.