A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

Once again, my hat is off and my bow is deep to this 1998 raw basket Liu Bao.

 I will keep this short as I’ve written about this already and very recently. I had forgotten that I had written about it, and just saw it when I was looking at my recent blog posts. But no matter, this tea deserves a little extra praise. I have a pretty decent aged tea collection, but nothing I like as much as this. It hits all the places in my throat, my brain and my Qi to make me relaxed, alert and ready to live fully, forever if possible.

Every single time I drink it, I remember the first time I ever had it. I remember what I was wearing, what room I was in and in which of the dozens of houses we had rented in California over the years.

So my thoughts are as follows. Wet Autumn sidewalk, damp earth forest trail, camphor, and the soil in which mushrooms sprout densely at the base of some ancient tree.

I like LiuBao far better than any Shu I’ve ever had, hands down and my digestive system highly agrees!

Find some at yunnansourcing.com or contact me for a in-person session. (Yes, in KY. Needless to say I will most likely not be creating any GongFu Cha sessions for anyone other than myself and local friends any time soon!)