A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

My favorite Shu Puerh

Clean & fresh - made from choice raw materials - with a comfortably ascending energetic profile. 

Usually what is the most noticeable about this tea, or at least the most talked about, is its energy. The frequency is high and crystalline. This is due in part to the old arbor raw material used in its crafting. The roots of the mature plants are more able to source the deep nurturing chi of the subterranean landscape. Combined with the organic growing practices, clean air and water, and the adept hands of a master, we have the resultant masterpiece.


Ingredients: tea

If stored properly, vintage teas can continue to age over time.

  • This tea is still relatively young, and as such, has the slight edge that younger shous can have on the first couple of infusions. In this case, it is reminiscent of chicory or raw cacao. It then totally smooths into a graceful, well-structured, highly refined broth hitting on all points you want it to (and more). Dark and elegant - refined and smooth.



    large meaty leaves with perfect uniform brown/black tone • aroma is elemental with floral and legume notes



    very lively and bright liquor with gorgeous hues of cherry amber and copper • ripe, dense, and full-bodied



    as stated earlier this tea's chi is most noticeable • if a “reset button” experience is what you need, give this cake a try • the energy is quickly ascending then branching in a fan-like radiation - a common energetic descriptor is “crystalline