A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

A little Shi Feng Longjing green to start the day. Consternation, brain-fart and finally perfection. Compliments to Verdant Tea.

Verdant says to steep this tea at 175f, but when the kettle hit 162-ish, I decided to start with that. Very light of course, but so sweet and mellow. Next I put the kettle back on and brought the temp to 175f as directed. Far less pleasurable with a fairly strong astringency and aftertaste on the roof of my mouth. This may be because I  used all 4.8 grams of the sample in a 100ml shibo, when the directions on their gorgeous site state a 6 ounce vessel, but truly, who gongfus 6 ounces? Oh wait, everybody does. I DO. Damn, I have been enchanted by this little shibo. Ever since I got this Petr Novak shibo, maybe 100-110ml I have literally forgotten I own quiet a few plain white gaiwans and my medium one, is indeed 6 ounces. until a week ago I used it a lot. Brain farts abound when Novak is in my hands. Nothing else exists.
My bad.

So what I'm gonna now is move these wet leaves, as pretty as they look in that shibo into the gaiwan, follow the Verdant people's advice and try it again...

Ok! Used Mr. Dragon-Head tea-scoop-dude here to move the wet leaves from the shibo to the gaiwan, leaving behind what I guess is about a gram, making the gaiwan closer to the prescribed parameters of 4 grams in 6 ounce gaiwan. water right at 175f. Ahhhhhh, much better!
A pretty, verdant tea fresh and flush with color. Nice.

The team of implements having done their jobs admirably, take a break to congratulate one another on yet another fun and delightful tea-session!